The aim of this project is to create a system for testing our ability to build Fedora from scratch.

The component maintainers often forget about bootstrap and introduce hardcoded loops in the dependencies or huge trees of dependencies that are not necessarily required. That could lead to a state where we'll be unable to build Fedora from scratch without patching the sources.

All issues found during the tests are reported in the RH Bugzilla. That way we can keep the procedure up-to-date and ready for introducing new architectures without unnecessary delays caused by unexpected issues in the procedure itself. This would allow us to focus on architecture specific issues only.

Bug Reports

Issues found during the bootstrap process are listed in the Fedora bootstrap tracker.


The sources are available in the Fedora bootstrap git repository.

Bootstrap stages and results

stage1 - make
stage2 - rpmbuild
stage3 - mock
stage4 - koji (builders) + distribution bootstrap
stage5 - complete rebuild in koji
stage6 - koji-shadow running


IRC: jcapik @ #fedora-devel

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